SX Instructors

All our coaches hold (or are working towards) MMA England (IMMAF & UKMMAF approved) Coaching Qualifications and undergo regular training at SX MMA. Our Coaches are very experienced and maintain an open mind, forever seeking to improve themselves and those around them. Our team also includes a UFC Nutritionist, Sports and Coaching Scientist and a Physiotherapist along with many others. We operate as a team, sharing knowledge and ideas frequently, to enable us to offer the best possible training to our members and a professional level preparation for our amateur competitors.

Alan Packman

Head Coach

As soon as Alan could walk, he began grappling; from there his passion developed into a love for martial arts. Alan trained a variety of individual martial arts from a very young age before discovering his passion for MMA as a teenager. Alan started his first BJJ club at The University of Essex in 2005 whilst studying Sports Science and Advanced Coaching Science. Alan is constantly deepening his knowledge of biomechanics, and uses this knowledge along with the most up to date equipment available to progress MMA athletes to the next level.

Alan started SX MMA in 2013, since then, Alan has used his coaching abilities, and knowledge of sports psychology to create some of the top ranked amateurs in the country. As a director of the English MMA Federation, Alan has some of the best links to national and international martial artists and innovators in their field. Alan also leads the UK MMA Federation’s board on Clubs and Coaching, creating and teaching coaching courses nationally and internationally to some of the most well-known coaches around.

Whatever your background and experience level, Alan can help you evolve your techniques and strategies along with your performance psychology. Alan will support you most by breaking down the biomechanics of your technique, the decisions you make in positions and transitions along with measuring your power and monitoring progression.

In class environments, Alan enjoys creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere where each individual has the chance to explore and experiment with only the most effective and innovative skills and strategies.

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Connor Hayes

Kickboxing instructor, Training MMA Coach & MMA Competitor

Joining SX MMA as an internationally competitive Karate Black Belt, Connor is now a 5-0 rising prospect in MMA with 5 first round stoppages. Connor is a fast developing Striker, Grappler and Mixed Martial Artist with years of teaching experience. One of the most respectful and politest Martial Artists you will ever meet, you will enjoy learning with Connor. But, don’t be fooled… when those cage doors close, he is always ready to perform.

Whoever you are, Connor can help you improve your striking technique & power, develop footwork and combine your MMA skills better.

For information on private or one to one training, please email

Mike Cummings

Muay Thai instructor, Training MMA Coach & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor

One of SX MMA’s original students. Mike Cummings is an excellent all round technician and martial artist with a specialisation in Muay Thai boxing. Having taught the art of Muay Thai years prior to joining us as a student and now a coach, he’s always been there to help support our beginners and offer pad-work to competitors.

Mike is one of the most patient and methodical coaches at the club. He can help you develop your kicks, knees, elbows, clinch work & defence.

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Martin Johnson

Retired MMA Competitor (4-2), Training MMA Club Coach & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor (Purple Belt)

With an extensive background in studying Sport MMA, Martin has shown that he is both a great competitor and teacher. A valuable member of our team, Martin is always there to support competitors with their strategies and offer very effective back stage support & cornering on fight night.

Martin can help you build a diverse set of skills and help link your boxing and grappling, especially in those tricky positions up against the cage.

For information on private or one to one training, please email

James Osborne

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor & Instructor

An SX MMA original, who’s been studying & competing in grappling & BJJ since 2013, winning many medals up and down the country, including Gold at the English open. James moved to Manchester where he successfully established the BJJ & MMA club at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Now back at SX MMA, James can help you develop some of the finer skills in your grappling game with a friendly laid back atmosphere.

For information on private or one to one training, please email

Chris Ranger

Wrestling Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor, British Champion

Chris Ranger was introduced to us via Catch-Wrestling Coaches Derek and Ian. Chris is a double gold medallists British Open champion at Advanced Level (Purple Belt) in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Known for his controlling, yet strategical style Chris is able to establish a strong advantage with his combined wrestling skills.

Chris can help you drill more effective wrestling skills and is fantastic at introducing beginners to the world of grappling.

For information on private or one to one training, please email

Beth Packman

Advanced Sports Nutritionist, Lockhart and Leith Weight-cut & Rehydration Specialist, Competitive grappler, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Training MMA Coach

The Queen of SX. Beth has established herself as one of the most knowledgeable Nutritionists in the UK Fitness & MMA industries. Her impeccable results speak for themselves. Currently focusing her abilities on developing the new breed MMA amateurs coming through the ranks, she is also in demand from many top ranked professionals, having successfully managed the weight-cutting process of 5 UFC athletes in Liverpool (2018).

Beth & Cat’s Women only class is great for any females looking for a supportive environment to build a variety of martial arts skills & fitness in a fun & enjoyable way.

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Cat Hayes

Karate Blackbelt, Kickboxing competitor, Kickboxing instructor

Cat is the wife of Top MMA prospect Connor Hayes, but is a fantastic Martial Artist & teacher in her own right. With a successful background in competitive Kickboxing & years of teaching Kickboxing & Karate, Cat & Beth combine to deliver a fantastic class for all women to attend.

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Josh Logan

Training Junior MMA Coach

Josh came to SX MMA with some excellent skills from his Kickboxing & Karate background, and has continually improved himself in all areas, including grappling. He’s set a high standard with hard work, focus & consistent training.

He is now proving himself to be a very patient teacher and an excellent role model to our junior members. Josh has shown he can teach a variety of skills & strategies to anyone.

For information on private or one to one training, please email

Max Porter

Training assistant coach

Max is a Karate Black belt and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor. Joining SX as a junior Max has shown great personal development, while building a wide variety of skills.

Max has always looked to give back by supporting with Junior Classes each week. Now Max will be delivering his own entry level junior class with the support of Sam every Tuesday.

For information on private or one to one training, please email