SX Instructors

Check out our team of developing Instructors, Coaches, Researchers and Fitness Professionals here to support you, our competitors and martial artists at SX MMA:

Alan Packman

Head Coach / Elite Performance Coach

Alan is a Sports and Performance Psychologist and Biomechanist specialising in Combat Sports and Sports Coaching Science. Alan creates an open learning environment for martial artists to study everyday and offers one to one coaching to individuals from all backgrounds to help them excel at what they do.

Optimise your power and efficiency on your preferred techniques and get a biomechanical and psychological advantage on your opponents, Alan will have you make the adjustments that make all the difference with PowerKube testing, video analysis and one to one coaching.

At SX MMA Alan has coached many martial artists from scratch to become BJJ, Grappling and MMA Champions. successfully coaching numerous competitors in Boxing, K1 and Mixed Martial Arts, including WCMMA and Cage Warriors Academy Champion Connor Hayes.

Alan respects the goal of each individual and seeks to help overcome your obstacles, build vision and create a plan towards whatever it is you want to achieve.

Get in touch to find out about specialists services in Personal Training and Personal Coaching.

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Beth Packman

Elite Performance Nutritionist

A nutritionist and weight-cut specialist specialising in combat sports athletes. Helping amateurs and professionals improve energy levels make weight more smoothly and effectively in MMA, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. From grass route local competitors all the way up to UFC Championship fighters have been getting the edge with Beth’s approaches, blending in Lockhart & Leith and MMA England scientific research with her proven track record of satisfied and high performing athletes.

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Connor Hayes

Kickboxing / MMA Club Coach

Connor came to SX MMA as a Blackbelt Karate standout taking a silver medal in the Junior World Championships. With complete dedication Connor has continued to develop his Karate style and form into a well rounded martial artist; with a purple belt in BJJ, gathering multiple gold medals in grappling and a top ranked 6-0 MMA fighter, currently holding the WCMMA and Cage Warriors Academy (South East), Middleweight Titles.

Only one fighter has ever made it to the second round with Connor. He is gentleman and a complete inspiration to martial artists and young people all over. A fantastic teacher helping form the next generation as he climbs his own way up the ladder.

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Will Doyle

Physiotherapist / Strength & Conditioning Coach

Physiotherapist and Strength Coach working alongside Alan and Beth Packman to produce complete support for combat sport athletes who want to reach their athletic potential and achieve great advantages over their competitors. Services available for all martial artists and anyone requiring specialist injury diagnostics and rehabilitation programs.

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Chris Ranger

Wrestling Club Coach

Chris was trained by Catch-wrestlers (Ian and Derek), He has a high energy and enthusiastic approach to training and coaching that inspires our beginners through to out experienced competitors at SX MMA. Currently working towards his British Wrestling Coaching Qualification he is pushing the standard of Wresting up at SX MMA along with Head Coach Alan Packman.

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor, Chris achieved a double gold at the 2016 British Championship at Purple Belt, and has kept the journey going and inspired many others along the way.

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James Osborne

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Coach

James is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt and a former English Open Champion. Training under Alan Packman at Essex Submission Wrestlers since 2014 James went on to pick up valuable experience across the country and play a huge role in setting up the Manchester Metropolitan University MMA & BJJ Club. Now back in Essex, James is continuing studying the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA with the team at SX MMA, and passing on his knowledge to the next generation of martial artists in Brentwood.

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Martin Johnson

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Coach / MMA Supporting Coach

Retired MMA Competitor (5-2) and BJJ Purple belt. Martin Johnson is one of the most experienced and rounded Mixed Martial Artist at SX MMA, who has now focussed his journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Teaching in the Gi BJJ every Thursday night at SX MMA. Martin is working with our experienced coaches to inspire the next generation of grapplers in Brentwood.

An outstanding pad-man and a great coach for both our junior and adult members.

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Jake Bulger

Qualified Teacher and Junior MMA Coach

A fantastic martial artists and teacher who runs his MMA class for ages 6-15 every Monday night at 6pm. Bringing in good discipline and a diverse range of drills and activities to give all young people the foundation they need as a Mixed Martial Artists, and inspire them on their journey.

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Josh Logan

Junior Kickboxing & MMA Instructor

One of our most talented and diverse martial artists at SX MMA. A BJJ gold medalist with highly effective wrestling and outstanding striking skills, Josh has been supporting our junior training since 2017 and is now leading our Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Junior classes, with the support of teenage prodigy Clark Williams, Josh provides a great variety of technical drilling in striking, grappling and movement that's guaranteed to lay a solid foundation for all young people at SX MMA.

A qualified fitness instructor and excellent pad-man who supports our adult competitors too.

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Clark Williams

Junior Assistant Coach

15 year old Golden boy Clark Williams is a shining example of what can be produced through our Junior Training Program. Clark is now turning into a start competitor across multiple disciplines including, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Kickboxing and MMA.

Keep an eye on this talent as he supports Josh and Jake with Junior Classes on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening.

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Lydia Lacey

Functional Yoga Instructor

Lydia is a full time yoga instructor working very closely with MMA and BJJ gyms across London & Essex. A martial artist and student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years, Lydia is working with SX MMA Head Coach in developing the functional yoga for martial artists and competitors. A great class every Sunday morning at 10:00am for men and women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. You do not need to be flexible to start.

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