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SX Instructors

Take a look at our stand out team of coaches, instructors and fitness professionals lead by Alan Packman at SX MMA:

Alan Packman

Head Coach

* Advanced coaching scientist specialising in MMA
* Sports and exercise scientist specialising in sport psychology and movement mechanics*
* Holistic performance and mindset coach specialising in mental health & motivation
* Founder of SXMMA, Active Ambition and Essex Personal Fitness
* Fully qualified teacher of physical education
* Passionate and innovative martial artist and coach
* Stand out student and innovator of grappling technique
* Coached multiple amateur MMA athletes to the UK top 10 in under 3 years
* Coached dozens of champions across martial arts and sporting disciplines
* An all round success rate of over 80%

Beth Packman

Performance Nutritionist

Connor Hayes

6-0 Mixed Martial Artist + SXK Kickboxing Coach

Chris Ranger

Wrestling Instructor & Coach

Jake Bulger

Qualified Teacher and MMA Instructor

Josh Logan

Junior MMA Instructor

Clark Williams

Junior Assistant Coach

Craig Young

BJJ Instructor

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