Essex's new and exciting MMA Team are back to training on the 17th May

Full timetable available soon. Email


With Alan & Connor

  • Wednesdays 7:15pm
  • Coming soon = Fridays at 7:15pm

A great class for anyone looking for something fun and diverse to learn. We specialise in putting everything together in the most effective way possible. We study how to combine the best of each martial art and fighting style, and we work hard to stay up to date on any movements the world has to offer. Not only that but we help you form the best style and strategy to support your own very unique attributes.

Our MMA focused classes teach you how to blend your skills and combine striking, wrestling and grappling. MMA specifics include wrestling up against the wall, using punches to set up takedowns and use grappling to control for ground and pound. And, of course we look at how to defend against all of this.

Train with our growing team.

  • Create an account on the SXMMA website and set your membership up today.
  • £15 pay as you train
  • 1 class per week direct debit = £40pm
  • 2 class per week direct debit = £64pm
  • Unlimited SX MMA training = £120pm

    We have special measures in place to ensure absolute hygiene and minimal risk throughout this pandemic period. Get in touch to find out more.

MMA classes from £40pm
MMA and fitness privates from £40ph
MMA workshops from £90