Essex's new and exciting MMA Team are back to training on the 17th May

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SXGrappling & BJJ

With Alan Packman

  • Sundays 11:30am
  • Mondays at 7:45pm

At SXMMA we have built a reputation for our standard of grappling; we have created 100s of local and regional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and nogi grappling champions. These classes are ideal for self defence as you will learn to escape and counter any possible position, even against a much stronger and larger person. We will teach you how to completely manipulate the body of another human being and apply submission skills such as armlocks, leg locks and chokes; even when faced with the most skilled of grapplers.

Grappling Coach Alan Packman is one of Essex’s stand out grapplers and an elite specialist in nogi grappling. Founder of Essex Submission Wrestlers and Head Coach at SXMMA, Alan began teaching nogi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the University of Essex in 2005, and continues to stay ahead of the game through extensive study of biomechanics and competitor performances.

These classes are perfect for competitive grapplers, or those who wish to learn a new highly addictive art. Men and woman of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

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  • £15 pay as you train
  • 1 class per week direct debit = £40pm
  • 2 class per week direct debit = £64pm
  • Unlimited SX MMA training = £120pm

    We have special measures in place to ensure absolute hygiene and minimal risk throughout this pandemic period. Get in touch to find out more.

Grappling & BJJ Classes from £40-£120pm
Grappling and BJJ private sessions from £35-£65ph
Grappling and BJJ biomechanical & performance breakdowns from £45-£145