Essex's new and exciting MMA Team are back to training on the 17th May

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With Alan Packman

  • Thursdays 7:45pm

If you’d like to get in great shape but have no interest in tedious workouts then this could be the class for you. If you’re looking to develop your power, agility and endurance to back up your skills then this is the class for you also. Our padwork, bagwork, specific weight training, power testing and core exercises are all designed to improve the effectiveness of your punches, kicks, wrestling and grappling.

SX MMA has been founded and developed with Science as the backbone to its creativity. As MMA has become the newest and fastest evolving sport SXFitness seeks to bring the best of Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning and MMA specific fitness to the world of martial arts and to anyone looking to shape up their physique like a true mixed martial artist.

All fitness levels are encouraged to join in and start at your own pace. We do not judge your current state of fitness, nor do we expect you to do the same as everyone else. We simply expect you to make progress and become a fitter, healthier version of you.

  • Create an account on the SXMMA website and set your membership up today.
  • £15 pay as you train
  • 1 class per week direct debit = £40pm
  • 2 class per week direct debit = £64pm
  • Unlimited SX MMA training = £120pm

    We have special measures in place to ensure absolute hygiene and minimal risk throughout this pandemic period. Get in touch to find out more.

Personal fitness training from £45ph
Bespoke diet plans from £95
Strenght & conditioning sessions from £55ph