Essex's new and exciting MMA Team are back to training on the 17th May

Full timetable available soon. Email


With Alan Packman & Clark

  • Mondays 6:30pm
  • Coming soon = Fridays at 7:45pm
  • Kickboxing available Wednesdays 6:30pm

Back by popular demand, this is a class to focus predominantly on padwork and combinations with a partner to develop the tools to evade any punch and achieve effective punching power from any position, what ever your size or shape.

Alan has one of the hardest punches ever recorded on the world famous PowerKube, and this knowledge and technology helps boxers, kickboxers and self-defence practitioners improve efficiency in punch power.

Get involved in this class, and take your boxing to a new level or simply improve your fitness in style.

  • Create an account on the SXMMA website and set your membership up today.
  • £15 pay as you train
  • 1 class per week direct debit = £40pm
  • 2 class per week direct debit = £64pm
  • Unlimited SX MMA training = £120pm

    We have special measures in place to ensure absolute hygiene and minimal risk throughout this pandemic period. Get in touch to find out more.

Boxing classes from £40pm
Boxing pads, bagwork and sparring sessions from £40ph
Punch power testing and power development from £65