Essex's new and exciting MMA Team are back to training on the 17th May

Full timetable available soon. Email

SXAcademy Juniors

With Jake, Clark & Dom

  • Sundays 10:15am
  • Mondays 5:15pm
  • Ages 6-11

The integral foundations for any young martial artist seeking the most effective self defence and movement skills. These fun and engaging classes teach young people how to use their body and control their energy, through games and structured technical training. We offer the opportunity to express creative freedom whilst also developing self-discipline and confidence.

Learning skills in Grappling, Striking and Wrestling from Essex’s standout martial artists and instructors has benefits way beyond self-defence and potential competitive success. Our students have reported significant improvements across all areas of life including performance in other sports, academic studies and all round mental health, as a result of our training methods and personal development plans.

We are commencing with one class per week every Sunday at 10:15am. We have limited spaces but we will open a second class to allow for further training once demand increases again.

  • Create an account on the SXMMA website and set your membership up today.
  • £10 pay as you train
  • 1 class per week direct debit = £28pm
  • More options coming soon

    We have special measures in place to ensure absolute hygiene and minimal risk throughout this pandemic period. Get in touch to find out more.

Classes from £28pm
Private training from £35ph
Workshops from £65